Member Breeders

We are proud to have breeders of quality Dachshunds in our club. Below is a list of our breeder members who can help you find a Dachshund to love. 

Mini Smooths and Mini Long Hairs
Noma Moore

Kennel name Nomala

(360) 903-0116
Mini Smooths Marilyn Hickok

Kennel name Hope Dachs

(503) 931-8788

Mini Smooths and Wires Ben and Delores Belden

Kennel Name Kleine

 541 575-0227

Mini Smooths and Wires Elise Kearns

Kennel Name Hobbit

(541) 758-2269

Mini Wires Julie Couch

Kennel Name Westrose

(503) 761-5691

Mini Longs
Standard Longs
Meta Hyder

Kennel Name Hyder's
Standard Smooths Sue Lewis

Kennel Name Flojacks

(253) 797-5593

Standard Smooths Georjan Bridger

Kennel Name Geordachs

(503) 364-9695
Standard Smooths Nicole Cooper

Kennel Name Spellbound

(971) 506-4722

Standard Longs Mary Freibert

Kennel name Hunderbar

(503) 708-9884
Standard Longs Julie Nielsen

Kennel name Bedazzled

(360) 885-1351

Standard Longs Wendy Snyder 

Kennel Name Serenity

(541) 520-3533

Patrice Baker

Kennel name Serenity's EAST


Standard Longs Meredith Taylor 

Kennel name MT's

(503) 558-8844
Standard Longs Katherine Schisel

Kennel name Syringa


Standard Longs

Jordin & Kyle Walis

Kennel name Royalaire

(503) 901-3777

Standard Longs and Wires Mark and Nancy Eby

Kennel name Riverwind

(509) 547-3742

Standard Longs, Wires and Smooths Tom and Kathy Lockyer

Kennel name Lockshire

(360) 897-9538

Mini Smooths and Wires


Michele Kutzler, DVM

Kennel Name: Dachshunds in the sky with diamonds

(541) - 740 - 1434


Standard Wires 
Toni Mendendal
Kennel Name: Drakken Kennels